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October 11, 2019

Four Insurance Mistakes To Avoid

Let’s admit that not all of us are educated enough when it comes to insurance products and policies. Some consumers like us would purchase insurance without the full understanding of what’s in it for them. The belief that the insurance will cover them in cases of emergencies is enough reason for them to get one.

If you are looking to get your insurance, it is advisable to do a research, educate yourself and take time to compare prices and coverage before making the decision. You may also check reviews and customer feedback to help you decide which insurance companies to buy from. Some of the best insurance companies are found in California.

Here are four insurance mistakes that you need to avoid when purchasing your insurance.

  1. Avoid purchasing insurance based on price. We all want to be practical and settle for a little less but, are we really getting something that can save us from spending less or are we on the risk of paying less today and eventually spending more? Make sure that the insurance you are buying covers your needs and the possibilities based on your life style.

  2. Avoid purchasing insurance because you are in a hurry to get one. Decision making should be done carefully. Do not be pressured and feel the rush of getting the insurance because you think you need it right away. Remember that insurance should be securing your future to avoid losses and financial difficulties. The future will come and the right insurance needs to be agree with your future.

  3. Avoid purchasing insurance if you do not understand. It is okay to ask questions, a lot of questions if you need to. It is better to have an insurance with your full understanding than an insurance that will not do you no good. Hold onto something that will be useful for you and not something that will give you more trouble and added headache when an emergency arises.

  4. Avoid purchasing insurance that gives you incomplete information about the policy. There are instances where agents may say, other information and documentation will follow after you sign the insurance. Never sign-up for something that is never complete.



October 11, 2019

How To Choose The Right Insurance For Your New Home in 6 Easy Steps

Home insurance is very important as it can help you pay for unexpected big expenses that you may not afford. As much as we do not want to think about it, we must prepare for it. Houses are susceptible to fire, theft and other disasters.

Getting insurance can be complicated because there are so many things to think about especially the clauses in the policy - it is easy to get lost. Most often people get upset with an insurance company because of misinformation and misunderstanding of the insurance policy. Insurance companies strictly follow their contracts, so this is why there are 6 easy steps on how to choose the right insurance for your new home.

  1. Determine how much

The first thing you need to know about the home insurance is how much it would cost you. It is understandable that you need to look for a home insurance that is within your budget.  You have to bear in mind though that this is only the first step before deciding if the home insurance in front of you is the best for your hard-earned money and your home. Yes, you may be looking for an insurance that is affordable for you, but the coverage should save you more and fit what you really need. It's not like you are getting a home insurance for the sake of "having one, just in case."

  1. Know claims history

Understand your new home’s claims history. You have to ensure that you are getting something that will surely save you and can get you covered. Some insurance companies will run a loss history report when you apply for insurance on the property and they can tell you if there have been prior claims. This is important for the insurance company for risk management and is more important for you. Insurance companies sometimes charge their coverage depends on the risk history and you have to be visible to how they come up with the quote that they will give you.

  1. Insurance Policy Wordings and Coverage

To reiterate, insurance companies act according to their contracts. It is very important that you have the full understanding of the special limits and coverage indicated and stated in your contract policy.

Home insurance covers the property, contents and personal liability but there are limitations and clauses that will tell you specific details of the coverage. If there are clauses and wordings that are not clear to you, it is a must that you ask the insurer to explain them to you.

  1. Choose Home Insurance that will fit your Lifestyle and Needs

You should pay for a home insurance that will cover your lifestyle.  If you have complete furniture and appliances at home, you need to learn about the coverage of your personal belongings such as appliances, clothing, furniture and electronic equipment. In addition, if you are working at home or have extra resources at home for your sports and hobbies, check if you can have coverage on secondary properties like sports equipment, computers or fine arts.

  1. Choose Home Insurance that can also cover your family.

Home insurance can get your family covered too. If you have a family, you must understand who are covered under personal liability – you, your spouse, your kids.  Know if they have age qualification or limitations. Understand deeper for scenarios like if you have visitors or someone sleeping over, know what the coverage will be.

  1. Choose home insurance that can offer you discounts. 

There are insurers who take into consideration providing discounts to an already secured home and/or to senior citizens of certain age. Homes with smoke detectors ad CCTV are considered secured but just need additional insurance in place for worse incidents.

Shop around for coverage. You can’t deny yourself with an affordable yet full coverage of what you exactly need. Obtain insurance quotes from at least 3 other insurers for comparison.


October 11, 2019

How To Take Care Of Your New Home

Got a new home and wondering how to manage it and keep it well-organized? Generally, all you need is a maintenance checklist and you must strictly stick to it. We have different styles and perspectives when it comes to managing our homes, thus, the checklist you will create for yourself should give you the perfect fit with your lifestyle and busy schedule.

Here are some of the important maintenance items you can add into your checklist for your new home. You can commit a time for your home maintenance for 2 hours a week, once a month and a couple of days in a year. Again, this depends on your availability, but you should always make free time to take care of your new home and keep it beautiful as it should be.

Floors – sweeping your floor daily is as important as taking your daily pills.
Carpets – give your carpets thorough vacuuming every week to keep it clean and free from dust.
Bathroom – check your drainage and remove hair strands to avoid blocking.
Garbage disposal – do not leave your garbage disposal stinking. Freshen it up with some lemon scented spray or some do-it-yourself cleaner like baking soda or lemon skins.
Appliances – take time to clean your appliances inside and out at least once a week. Wipe off dirt with clean cloth.
Range hood and filter – one area that needs cleaning but not all people do is the range hood and filter. Make sure to clean it as it becomes greasy and dirty over time.
Wood furniture – check this type of furniture as it needs polishing if dusts stick to it if not cleaned regularly.
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguisher – this is your protection from fire, so make sure they are functional and in good condition.
Garden – inspect your garden for problems and issues at least once a week and do the cleaning once a month. Fix loose shingles, damaged sidings and trim overgrown trees and bushes.

Some maintenance items would depend on the structure of your new home like garage, basement, attic, windows, driveway and so on. Areas that may take a lot of time and energy from you needs to be checked and cleaned at least once or twice in a year.
Sticking to your checklist and adding more to it whenever necessary is a good start to an ideally maintained home.



June 06, 2019

Why City Best Insurance is always the top choice for Car Insurance in California?

Are you looking for car insurance? If so, the City Best Insurance is the top choice for you. Of course, you have the power to decide whether the car insurance offered to you is the best score. There are a lot of insurance providers to choose from. Car insurance companies sell the same product but they all differ in terms of coverage, premiums, rates, ratings etc. These things, you need to consider when deciding which is best for you.

Here, you will find some of the reasons why City Best Insurance is the top choice for you.

In California, in order for you to legally drive a car, you need to register your vehicle and one of the requirements is a liability coverage policy. City Best Insurance can give you the right coverage to meet the government requirement for you to drive in the state.

City Best Insurance gets the highest ratings from AM Best, the leading independent insurance industry rating authority. To get outstanding ratings for businesses these days means a lot especially that customer feedback and reviews can spread out anywhere on the internet.

With City Best Insurance, you can get comfortable that the people you will be dealing with knows the ins and out of their business. They do not provide car insurance alone but all types of insurance. They also have insurance protection for life, health, vision, dental, disability and a lot more. They help businesses find the right solutions and plan to cover their needs.

For any questions and concerns, they have great customer service who can assist you and guide you with their services. Unlike others, they have Help line that you can call for quicker and fast transaction and resolution.

Contact City Best Insurance today and know more about their great products and services.



November 03, 2014

Homeowners Insurance: Protect your Investment

Buying a house could be one of your most expensive investments. It may have even taken years of preparation and evaluation especially if you are just starting a family.Purchasing Homeowners Insurance may be expensive but is absolutely a necessity in protecting your home and your belongings.

There are various types of homeowners’ insurance policies and evaluating your current financial status can also help you decide in purchasing coverage for your insurance. Know the details of your coverage as well as what is not covered. This way you can prepare for unforeseen events and set precaution to those that are not included in your policy.

Conduct a home inventory of your belongings and valued possessions. It would be easier for you to claim losses if your assets are well documented and up to date. Ideally, a yearly inventory is recommended the same time or before renewing or updating your insurance policy.

Although Homeowners Insurance is quite costly, there are ways in lowering your premiums such as maintaining a security system and installing smoke alarms in your home. There are also senior discounts that are provided to homeowners over 50 years old.

Moreover, if you are planning to purchase additional insurance coverage, your insurance company could provide discount for the package. Discuss this with your insurance adviser and get a quote of what would best fit your needs and budget.



Secure Your Legacy, Insure Your Business.

Not all business owners were born with a silver spoon. As you might be well aware of, most worked their way up on rugs to riches context. You have to have the sturdy will to succeed, skill, talent and love for your craft, and most of all, unceasing support.

As an entrepreneur, it is inevitable to take risks especially if it is expected to produce positive results for the company. In making that decision, you are not only risking profit, but also the years of hard-work that you already put in establishing your chosen trade. Insuring your business is not a risk. It is securing the continuity of your enterprise as we back you up in contingency plans.

Your business is what you do for a living, your passion and your legacy. To build a solid structure and foundation, it is always good to take precautions and avail oneself of every available option at minimal costs.



Auto Insurance: Deciding On Your Coverage

Driving a car requires insurance whether you’re purchasing it for your personal use, renting it, or lending to someone else. There are six basic coverages for auto insurance. Most states would require you to buy some, but not all, so deciding on which auto policy to purchase can also depend on how you intend to use your vehicle.

For example, if you’re planning to use it personally for your family, Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist should be on your coverage.

Depending on the location of your usual route, Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability coverages should also be taken in consideration.

Furthermore, since cars are the second most expensive investment most people have, first being their home, insuring it for Collision and Comprehensive should also be on your list.

If you’re always out of town and a frequent car renter and do not have auto insurance, the car rental company will require you to purchase insurance at their rental car counter. However, if you do have existing coverage, you can call your insurance company to check which of your current coverages can be applied on the rental car.

You can learn more on auto insurance coverage and policies on this link :

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